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First Physician Formulated CBD Mist

Aforé™ by Dr. Few, a clinically developed skincare line built around Dr. Julius Few’s innovative Four Dimensional Beauty™ approach, announced the launch of its new CBD Effusive, a first-of-its-kind antioxidant facial mist. Formulated using 100 milligrams of CBD nano-emulsion, this is the first face mist to use water-soluble CBD synergistically with plant extracts and antioxidants. CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties work in concert with green tea, vitamin C, and witch hazel to calm and cool the skin, depuffing and easing redness. Additionally, this lightweight face mist hydrates the skin, providing an instant youthful glow. Use it on bare skin or to set and refresh makeup throughout the day.

Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, CBD helps soothe even the most sensitive skin. Unlike other CBD skin care products that use CBD oils, the CBD Effusive’s unique nano-emulsion makes for a more potent CBD formula, helping the product mist more easily and deliver its active ingredients to skin more effectively.

“Our CBD Effusive has the highest grade, medical grade ingredients that incorporate skin smoothing, collagen stimulating benefits with the natural synergy of CBD’s anti-inflammatory pro-healing nature,” shares plastic surgeon Dr. Julius Few, the line’s founder. “I wanted to create a product that is easy to apply to the face, neck, and skin of the body in general. I find that if a product is easier to use, it will be used more consistently and the results will follow. Besides, the fact that it is fun to use and the first of its kind makes it even better!”

Ideal for all skin types, the CBD Effusive is an anytime, anywhere lightweight hydration solution to brighten skin’s appearance. Mist onto the face and neck skin throughout the day as often as desired. The CBD Effusive retails for $50 on their website.

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